We start with solution focused mindset by using Design Thinking Process by understanding human-centric ways , by creating many ideas in brainstorming sessions.

We follow Design Thinking approach


It is foundation of Design Thinking , We think and feel like you in order to help you. Empathy is major pathway to human-centric design process such as Design Thinking and It allow us to set aside our own assumptions about your world in order to understand your need. We talk to each individual stakeholders to better understand the user requirement by asking question about what , how , why , pain points , frustration etc. to come up with better design.


During Define stage we put together the information we have created and gathered during Empathy stage. Here we define the problem as user story in human-centred manner.


With the strong background we have developed in Empathy and Define stage , We 'think outside the box to identify various solutions that fits your need by bringing team together and sketching various ideas , mixing ideas , creativity etc.


We will then create prototype of the best possible solution of each problem identified during first three stages. We create UI Prototype , Wireframe and get feedback and again make changes to prototype and goes to feedback with other team.


This is final stage of 5 stage-model of an iterative process. Here we put prototype in front of real customer and get feedback and acceptance of where it is meeting the goal.


UI/UX Design

Web Development


Portal Development

Content Management