Mobile App Developement

Developing Mobile App require detailed planning , We follow standard process of design thinking in Mobile App Development. We support three approach of Mobile development

We give you guidance pros and cons of each approach of development and select what is best suited for your enterprise.

Mobile Web Application

Mobile Web Application are really websites which run on Mobile Browsers and typically written on HTML5. Web Application on Mobile is much cheaper option if you just want to display static content and some minor transaction pages on Mobile Web App. It also does not require us to submit it to App Store to get on App Marketplace of corresponding provider. User also don't need to bother going to marketplace to download your application. It is also Multi-Platform. Mobile Web App can run on any Mobile device.

Mobile Web Application has disadvantage that I has very limited functionality to access Mobile Feature like Camera , Background Processing etc. But many of App does not require this functionality.

Mobile Native Application

Mobile Native Application on other hand is developed in native language of Mobile Operating System e.g. Android , Apple or Windows , Which means essentially for one particular mobile device. It provide us full feature to access all the functionality available in Mobile device like Camera. It is more expensive to build Mobile Native Application as we need to build it for each category of Mobile Device Operating System. Native App need to be registered with App Store like Apple , Google Play etc. You can to market user to download Native App on their Mobile Device. There is also fees associated for Native App.

Mobile Hybrid Application

Mobile Hybrid Application is combination of Mobile Native App and Mobile Web App. Where Web App is wrapped inside container of Native App that way it need to be downloaded from App Store and You can use the Mix of both Native and Web feature which will help in reducing development time.